Interactive Machines


In an industry where touchscreens reign supreme, the Art Directors Club of New York (ADC) needed to emphasize the craft of their identity. Determined to forge a deeper connection with their audience, they envisioned the transformation of their travelling exhibition.…

Sneaker Head Gas Mask

freehand profit sneakers gas masks rojaksite

L.A. based artist – Freehand Profit, deconstructs limited edition kicks and transforms them into cool futuristic gas masks. These wearable art pieces literally transforms the wearer into a ‘sneakerhead’. Look closely at the masks and you can still identify the …

Epic Mountaineering Photos

Jakob Schubert

Mountaineering photographer Robert Böesch teams up with Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut to choreograph and capture these creative photographs which shows off the brand’s latest gear for 2015.

The pictures were shot for a 2015 ad campaign and are a masterpiece …

1980s London Underground

1980s London Underground 2

On his daily commute to work in the 1980s, Bob Mazzer who worked as a projectionist in a porn theatre, would photograph strangers in the London underground. From the hair styles, fashion sense and timelessness of the tube stations, these …

Mini Book of Major Events

mini book of major events evan lorenzen

Artist/illustrator Evan Lorenzen is the man behind this charming little book which he wrote, illustrated and published.

Inside, he documents the biggest events and evolutionary concepts in mankind’s scientific history. From the discovery of fire to the existence of aliens, …

Bob Burnquist Floating Skate Ramp

Bob Burnquist Floating Skate Ramp Dream Big Rojaksite

Visit California asked pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist to dream big and try something completely new.

The Brazilian skateboarder who has skated and snowboarded all around the world in so many climates, environments and surfaces, decided he wanted to skate on …

Generation Clothes Swap

asian generation swap clothes qozop rojaksite large

Artist photographer, Qozop, asked Asian youths to swap clothes with their relatives who are generations apart. It’s interesting to see how the older generations can still be found dressed in traditional clothing while the youths have opted for more modern …

Glass Box on the French Alps

french alps glass box

“Step into the Void” is a glass installation built on the uppermost terrace of the Aiguille du Midi . Three glass walls, floor and ceiling panels, allow visitors to control their vertigo and experience 1035m above ground.

Each of these …

Crane Operator Photos of Shanghai

crane operator aerial shanghai photos wei gensheng

Crane Operator Takes Breathtaking Photos of Shanghai From 2,000 Feet High.

Professional crane operator Wei Gensheng decided to take some pictures from the second tallest building in the world. His pictures from the Shanghai Tower brought him unexpected attention and …

Fish Book by Ernest Goh

ernest goh fish book rojaksite

Ernest Goh is a fine art photographer, based in Singapore, who has recently made the switch from commercial photography to fine art.

As a documentary photographer he considers his passion for animals an extension of his interest in photographing the …

World’s Longest Wood Carving

worlds longest wood carving

A Chinese artist, Zheng Chunhui, spent 4 years carving this masterpiece from a single tree trunk. Measuring at 12.286m long, is 3.075ms tall at it highest point, and is also 2.401m wide, he has won himself a place in the …

Kyle Thompson Photography

Kyle Thompson Photography

21 year young photographer Kyle Thompson from Chicago has been one of the most shared photographers online in recent days. He began taking photographs at the age of nineteen after finding interest in nearby abandoned houses.

“I like taking photos

World’s Vanishing Tribes

vanishing tribes jimmy nelson

Jimmy Nelson shoots stunning portraits of the World’s Remotest Tribes in his latest book – “Before They Pass Away”. From Indonesia to Mongolia, from Namibia to Russia, these tribes have been largely untouched by modern fashion or influences till this …

Public Zombie Survival Vehicle

Zombie Survival London Bus

Not everybody has the luxury of having private transportation during a zombie apocalypse, or have a multimillion dollar Zombie-proof home like this one.

So what do you do? Well, with thousands of cabs, buses and delivery vans roaming our …

Musicians as Cartoon Characters

Pharrell Cartoon Skateboard Simpson

German design student, Zhi-Yun Zhang, imagines familiar cartoon characters as pop music icons in this latest series.